Monday, March 14, 2016


Welcome to my new, in-progress website.  A proper site with actual information on who I am and what I do will be coming.  But for now, consider this page still very much 'under construction'.

For now, if you wish to reach me concerning any of the things I do, please do so via twitter or you can contact me via the comments section below.

I offer a variety of audio services from my private, acoustically-treated production facility. I have an extensive credit list of work for major production and entertainment companies that has been heard around the world in a variety of mediums, including television, film, radio, theme parks, apps, and video games .  From my studio I do audio postproduction; music composition and production; sound design; Foley; lush, bespoke acoustic drum tracks; and remixing, mixing and mastering (please click on the links to hear some work samples).  

I also have 2 remote recording rigs which I use to record local artists in and around the Toronto area.  I have a 6-channel 'guerrilla' recording rig that requires minimal to no interfacing with a venue's sound system and can be used in very sub-optimal recording conditions (fast changeovers, no sound system gigs, etc.)  As well, I have a proper 24-channel Pro Tools-based multichannel recording setup with Focusrite Saffire preamps, transformer-isolated microphone splitters, and Whirlwind cables with enough cabling to operate up to 100' from the stage.  I offer both of these remote recording options to indie musicians at very reasonable rates to help encourage the GTA's rich, diverse musical community.  

And though it often takes a back seat to my audio work, I am also a professional musician and have been performing for over 30 years.  I play a variety of instruments, including drums (both acoustic and electronic), percussion, Zendrum, and bass.  I have performed throughout Canada and the US with a variety of groups and artists.  And though I've played many different genres over the years, stylistically, I naturally gravitate towards anything groovy and funky.  My musical sweet spot is somewhere between deep, laid-back 70's funk and 60's psychedelic rock and am happiest playing with people who share an appreciation of those styles of music. 

If any of these services can be of use to you and you'd like to connect, I would love to hear from you.  Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!